How an anti-Trump Republican could beat Trump

Obvious strategies like those of Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), unloading to The New York Times about arcane process issues, is exactly wrong. Banking some media buzz and appealing to big donors who share those concerns might seem like a good idea, but as Jeb! found out the hard way, media and money don’t mean much if the voters can’t stand you.

Usually, the way campaigns work is that candidates try to differentiate themselves from one another. Here, the only way to beat Trump is actually to out-Trump him.

That doesn’t mean trying to match him for rhetorical excess. It means attacking him for everything he was supposed to do but didn’t. When he makes nasty anti-immigrant comments, don’t get on your high horse and talk about the vibrancy of diversity, ask why he still hasn’t built that big, beautiful wall he promised. When he touts his tax cut, ask why most of it goes to corporations and the rich, not voters. When he talks about repealing ObamaCare, ask why he’s backing a big government bill that would hurt the people who voted for him most.