Trump's 12 months of style clashing with substance

Staunch Democrats in the room opposed the substance of Trump’s agenda, just as they would have opposed that of any other Republican president. Yet, most of their complaints were about Trump’s style. The more independent-minded, as well as the Trump voters, likely support much of what the president is doing in terms of policy. But they still felt the need to express disapproval of his tone.

At the same time, several voters expressed satisfaction with their own lives and their own economic situation. “The construction business has just gone off the charts,” said David, a 50-something Trump voter who made his living in the industry. Such comments mirror larger measures of economic satisfaction, such as new reports that consumer confidence has risen to its highest level since December 2000.

That is the Trump phenomenon. He is a president stuck below 40 percent job approval at a time of rising economic growth, swelling consumer optimism, and a roaring stock market. Despite all the good news, even some of his supporters, the ones who cheer on his actions on deregulation, judicial nominations, border security and more, have reservations about him.

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