Trump-world kids are putting their parents at risk

Let’s talk about Paul Manafort’s daughters. According to messages hacked from Andrea Manafort Shand’s phone and posted to the dark web, both of Trump’s former campaign manager’s grown daughters were prone to half-bragging half-lamenting their father’s crime-ish-to-criminal activity via text message to each other and, it seems, basically anybody who would listen. Name droppers, if dropping a name could get the other person arrested.

They spelled out alleged crimes of their dad, his alleged closeness with Trump before and after the post he took with the campaign (that the administration has, since Manafort’s indictment, scrambled to disavow). They’ve alluded that Manafort orchestrated events that got people killed in the Ukraine, called him a “sick fucking tyrant.” “And we keep showing up and dancing for him… We keep showing up and eating the lobster. Nothing changes.”

Well. Something has kind of changed, if the indictments and house-arrest order are to be believed.