I'm a conservative and I hate the Republican tax plan

One such nonsensical target is the adoption tax credit. Where is the ideological sense in getting rid of a credit to ease the financial burden of adoption? Conservatives always suggest adoption as an alternative to abortion. But adoption is incredibly costly and the credit has been a boon to families looking to adopt, so why cut it?

“Who loses?” asked Laura Saunders in the Wall Street Journal. “Highly paid employees in high-tax states; future buyers of large homes or second homes; high-earning home sellers; people who take medical deductions; and future alimony payers, among others.”

Why get rid of the write-off for medical expenses? It’s practically an admission that single-payer is coming and Republicans don’t plan to stop it. Why else not work to defray the costs of people paying for medical care out of pocket? How is that conservative?

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