Hillary-worship and liberal indoctrination won’t make your daughters "woke"

A curious thing happened in my Facebook newsfeed after the election. Suddenly, all of my liberal friends had one parenting objective: to raise “woke” children. They viewed the election as a sign of the apocalypse, thought that the country they thought they knew under Barack Obama no longer existed, and fervently believed that they would have to more thoroughly indoctrinate their children in progressivism in order to save it.

The election of President Trump did indeed signal something deeply wrong about our country; that a crude and often lewd talk-show host was a viable candidate for leader of the free world signals something is amiss. The problem is, it’s not just the election that shows us things aren’t alright; that indication happened as soon as both candidates were chosen by their parties. For many Trump voters, the decision to pull the lever in his favor was just as much a rejection of Hillary Clinton as it was an affirmative decision to elect Donald J. Trump as President.

Hillary Clinton was deeply uninspiring at best, and troubling at worst, as the Democratic National Committee’s choice for a candidate. For many Americans, it wasn’t just about Clinton’s private email server, or Benghazi, or her husband’s history with women (and her decision to strip from his targets their credibility and honor), but a troubling pattern of unethical behavior throughout her time in public service. Yes, Donald Trump is a lowlife, but he’s at least open about it. With Hillary Clinton, we had a polished candidate who was unable to elicit even in her own supporters a sense of trust or enthusiasm.