Democrats drive toward the cliff and hit the gas

Here’s a strategy idea. Just spit-balling, but maybe it’s better not to alienate the majority of voters in order to cater to…who? Who buys these magic beans? Gyno-hat wearing nitwits from Fairfax County who think that everyone outside the Beltway is a couple swigs of home-brewed corn liquor away from molesting unwary canoeists?

While President Trump remains popular among those he was always popular with, these folks might not have been super-primed to go out and pull the lever for Ed Gillespie in light of his ties to the establishment. But wow – way to energize them to go out and pull that lever to tell Northam and the rest of Team They/Them/Theirs to go Weinstein themselves.

In the liberal echo chamber, all this nutty stuff about genocidal normals and pick-your-own-pronouns probably plays. If Northam was running for governor of Berkeley, he’d be a shoe-in – or at least a Birkenstock-in. And he should have been a shoe-in in Virginia. All he had to do was keep up the scam that he was really a reasonable moderate who didn’t represent a party that had gone utterly insane.

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