Fox News falsely warned people of an upcoming "Antifa apocalypse"

The rumour started with a video posted in September that warned viewers about an “upcoming civil war.” It was posted by Jordan Peltz, who works for the private company US Warrant Service and maintained a Facebook page that had a profile picture of donkey wearing a Nazi armband. Peltz also has a website called

Anti-Trump protests were planned from Nov. 4 onward by Refuse Fascism, but the group told BuzzFeed News that the protests are meant to be non-violent. No “antifa” group has called for violence online during the Nov. 4 protests.

“What they’re saying is completely false,” Taylor said. “They’re blatant lies, and they’re creating and intending to intimidate people who want to stand up to the Trump/Pence regime. It’s concerning that these lies are being spread and that they’re unleashing threats.”