Paul Ryan puts it all on the line in tax fight

Everything is on the line for Mr. Ryan and his fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill as they embark on a push to enact the most ambitious tax overhaul in three decades by the end of the year. Their bill would affect virtually every taxpayer in the country, dropping the top corporate tax to 20 percent from 35 percent and delivering more modest cuts for many families through changes to the tax brackets and other measures. To offset some of the cost, it would also limit or end some popular deductions, like mortgage interest and state and local income taxes, potentially leaving some taxpayers with higher bills…

“I think one of the reasons we’re a polarized, high-anxiety country is because we’ve had pretty flat economic growth and pretty flat opportunity,” he said. “Most people haven’t got a pay increase. Most people, half the people in this country, live paycheck to paycheck, so there’s a lot of economic anxiety. And I think just one of the key solutions is faster economic growth, more jobs. And I think the best thing we could do to deliver that is tax reform.”

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