A "Marxist" explanation for the Trump revolution

The revolution sought to restore the American Dream, the idea of a country where all may rise, where our kids will have it better than we did. Today the dream has been betrayed, and we all know it. We also know that what would make us mobile again is a good K-12 education system, sensible immigration laws, an end to the barriers erected by the regulatory state, all the things elite liberals oppose.

The election was thus a struggle between one set of voters with a revolutionary consciousness against a counter-revolutionary class that denied that any change was possible. It was like 1917, with the difference that now it’s the Left that is counter-revolutionary, that wants to keep things as they are — unjust, unequal.

And that’s why, of the different kinds of Marxism, mine is right-wing. It wasn’t free-market capitalism that made us immobile. Instead, it was all the barriers to advancement that liberals created, through statutes and regulations that place a stumbling block in the path of those who seek to rise.

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