"It’s such a bizarre curiosity”

“OK. So to be fair, I don’t think Donald Trump hated me. I think he’s in love with my boyfriend,” Stewart remarked on SNL.

Pattinson squirms. “It’s weird. I did notice—I think today or yesterday—in one of his Twitter cleanups that he deleted all those tweets! I was like, hey, are you trying to sweep me under the rug, man? What happened? I’m a part of your life!” he says, laughing hysterically.

I mention that his pal Katy Perry also got the Trump Twitter treatment following her breakup with Russell Brand, with the then real estate baron firing off ten tweets trashing Brand and supporting Perry. “I didn’t even know that! Was he saying for Katy to not stay with Russell? God, that’s really funny. But I just saw the thing and thought, ‘Why did I get cleaned up?’ It’s such a bizarre curiosity.”

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