The far-right thinks a violent Antifa overthrow is coming Nov. 4, but the truth is far stranger

“The vision is that you get enough people in the streets,” Taylor said, sitting at the back of the bookshop. “A mass, non-violent political protest that starts with thousands, that keeps coming back and grows to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and grows to millions.”

For the far-right, Refuse Fascism’s planned demonstrations aren’t viewed as merely another series of anti-Trump street rallies, but the start of an awaited Civil War against Constitution-loving patriots, an uprising of “millions of antifa super soldiers” preparing a slaughter of white Americans.

For prominent thinkers and activists on the socialist left who spoke to Mic on background, and many reporters, scholars and activists over the past decade, Refuse Fascism is seen as nothing but a diversion, the latest front group for a scientology-like communistic cult of personality.

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