Robert Mercer’s horseh*t mea culpa is too little, too late

I’m sorry, Mr. Mercer, you don’t get to play Thoughtful Libertarian Man after bankrolling nativism, populism, and racism. But I digress.

Mercer’s decision comes in the wake of a BuzzFeed exposé that documente the many connections between Milo, Breitbart, and white supremacists. It’s fair to say that the piece was hard-hitting, but really, did we need any more proof?…

Who knows why people do the things they do. But if Robert Mercer is hoping that he can wash his hands of this mess, he is sorely mistaken. Mercer’s money has played an integral role in destroying the conservative movement. He has sought out the worst actors and paid them handsomely—thereby condoning, endorsing, and enabling their evil deeds. You don’t get to do that and just say, “My bad.”

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