Everyone's talking about Bill O'Reilly's TV future. But what about his accusers?

So much attention to the prospects of a proven 68-year-old fraud. And so little attention to the prospects of the women with whom O’Reilly or Fox News has signed settlements to clear away — suppress — allegations of abuse and sexual harassment.

As the New York Times reported in a groundbreaking story in April, 21st Century Fox — parent company of Fox News — reached a $1.6 million settlement with Juliet Huddy, who alleged that O’Reilly made inappropriate phone calls and once attempted to kiss her, all in pursuit of a sexual relationship in 2011. She fell in an attempt to avoid him; he didn’t help her up, according to a complaint letter cited by the New York Times. “When she rebuffed him, he tried to blunt her career prospects, the letter said,” notes the story. As the King of Cable News, O’Reilly served as a gatekeeper for up-and-coming talent. Air time on his program could launch a career.

After her troubles with O’Reilly, Huddy moved to affiliate station WNYW, a property within the Fox corporate realm, in October 2013.

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