The patsy in the White House

Manafort materialized from nowhere, bent on using the Trumps as a bodybuilding supplement for his off-books lobbying business, so he could buy himself more custom suits. And what did Trump, the streetwise mogul who’s always going on about his fancy degree from Wharton, say?

You seem like a credible guy. You’re hired! Let me introduce you to Jared!

I don’t know right now what Trump did or didn’t do, knowingly, to compromise the democracy, and unless your name is Mueller, you’re probably not qualified to say, either. We’ll find out in time.

What we do know — and it may well be the most charitable interpretation of the facts we have — is that Trump and his entire family were hopelessly out of their depth and dangerously credulous when it came to running for president, and now they’re running the country.