We love "Stranger Things" because we yearn for that kind of friendship

But what isn’t muted is the love of small-town community. The love of innocent friendship and respect for a simple rule like “friends don’t lie.” The need for courage when facing monsters. The differences that divide us are mostly sound and fury. Under the layers of virtue signals and identity armor, leftists are just as lonely and scared as everyone else. That’s why this show speaks so strongly to us today.

It’s the same reason everyone loves “Casablanca” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” but merely appreciate Citizen Kane. Rick Blaine and George Bailey make us feel things. They help us see in the most basic way that altruism is a fundamental part of life, that giving ourselves makes us more complete.

Our country seems more divided every day. And then out of nowhere comes this weird little show. And it doesn’t divide us. It isn’t controversial. It’s just nice.

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