The good, the bad, and the ugly of President Pence

Pundits at every point on the political spectrum should be able to agree that there’s at least one respect in which America and the world would be indisputably better off with the U.S. being led by a President Pence: the diminished likelihood that we will stumble into a nuclear conflagration with North Korea (or other powers) due to the president’s ineptitude, know-nothing bluster, and digitally amplified big mouth.

As a member of Congress and governor of Indiana, Pence may not have distinguished himself for his geopolitical acumen, but he does seem more likely than the current inhabitant of the White House to follow the counsel of advisers who possess the expertise to set and pursue broadly rational and consistent policies. Coming just 14 years after a former Republican governor lacking foreign policy experience invaded Iraq on the advice of his staff, that might not sound very reassuring. But as bad as the Iraq War and its aftermath proved to be, there really are worse possibilities — and a nuclear war is undeniably one of them.