Who else helped hide Weinstein? Entertainment journalists

Understanding why Waxman sidestepped this monolithic story involves what she described. Once Waxman went from a hungry reporter eager to build a name and reputation to a media baron establishing herself in the town where her industry is centered, her priorities apparently shifted. She was in a position not too dissimilar to the performers in town, eager to desperate to broaden their careers.

As Waxman laid the foundation of her news portal, she was involved in establishing contacts, building relationships, and getting her name out. She needed sources inside studio lots and relationships with agents. Shaking the tree by targeting one of the biggest names in the industry would be the opposite of what she needed to do to get her outlet off the ground.

In this way, entertainment reporters are in a position similar to that of sports journalists. If you look too deeply into controversial subjects, you are barred from locker rooms, denied interviews with players, and meet resistance from coaches and management.