Twitter will tell Congress that Russia's election meddling was worse than we first thought

Twitter will tell Congress this week that Russia-linked accounts “generated approximately 1.4 million automated, election-related tweets, which collectively received approximately 288 million impressions” last year from September 1 to November 15.

“For our analysis, we studied the time period of September 1 – November 15, 2016 covering 16 billion unique Tweets, (i.e., excluding retweets),” a source familiar with Twitter’s testimony said. “Our review was deliberately broad, capturing 189 million election-related Tweets.”

In a portion of the prepared testimony, which Business Insider obtained Monday, Twitter’s acting general counsel, Sean Edgett, wrote that the company “identified 36,746 accounts that generated automated, election-related content and had at least one of the characteristics we used to associate an account with Russia.”