Trump asking advisors if Manafort charges are within Mueller's mandate

Trump, who has obsessed about Mueller’s probe, asked a number of people on Monday whether the charges were within the special counsel’s mandate — and how he should respond, according to one senior official and one adviser. He has kept close tabs on the investigation, several friends and aides said, asking for frequent updates on who was testifying and how the White House is responding…

Mueller’s investigation is still at an early stage and could produce more bombshells. Several Trump aides, including communications director Hope Hicks and White House counsel Don McGahn, are scheduled to meet with Mueller’s team in the upcoming weeks. The White House is continuing to produce documents, senior officials said, and Mueller’s team has made several follow-up requests on previous document requests.

These requests could lead Mueller’s probe in new directions. “This is what happens with special prosecutors all the time,” said Jamil Jaffer, founder of the National Security Institute at George Mason University and a former counsel for George W. Bush. “They ultimately indict people on issues that are unrelated to the underlying cause of the investigation.”

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