Ladies, you haven’t been raped if someone catcalled at you

But the slide from exposing the truly heinous into the minor leagues of “harassment” is all part of the plan for many on the Left. The Huffington Post writes, “The social media campaign is, of course, intended as a wake-up call for men. If every woman you know has been harassed or assaulted, then every man you know has likely made a woman feel unsafe.” Feel unsafe? In this age of snowflakes, even speaking about traditional gender roles makes some woman somewhere feel unsafe, prompting gutless universities to issue unconstitutionally broad harassment policies that turn on the subjective feelings of the recipient.

Being discomfited for a few moments by some guy’s awkward pass is not the same as a boss dropping trou and telling a subordinate her job depends on how she handles it. Further, sexual harassment in the workplace, while a serious problem with real power dynamics that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored, is not the same as sexual assault and rape. In our rush for universal female victimhood, we cheapen the experiences of real victims and create a more hostile environment for their #MeToo stories.

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