Dirty Hillary, hoist by her own petard

Is it any wonder that the American people don’t trust the ruling class? This squalid net of political espionage, catching in it everyone from Clinton to Comey to CNN (which hyped the fake dossier), captures the corruption and bad judgment of the ruling class perfectly.

Hoist by their own Russian petard, liberals now seek to change the subject, though the more shameless ones are double-downing on the dossier. A few of them still insist that a report Bob Woodward called “garbage” contains devastating information. How do we know? Well, it hasn’t been “disproven,” they sputter absurdly, as if the burden of proof for a charge as outlandish as paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed Obama once slept on in Moscow should naturally fall on the person accused of it.

Another line of defense is to say that Christopher Steele, the British spy who cobbled the dossier together, is “trustworthy.” How do we know? Well, because the ruling class says so and the FBI paid him too. It was that circular reasoning and entitled hysteria — all the right people said that Steele was trustworthy, all the right people were saying that Trump colluded with the Russians, all the right people deemed Trump a menace to be stopped, and so on — that led the ruling class into this debacle.

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