Despite accusations, George H.W. Bush is no Weinstein

The media’s willingness to publish these stories, which amount to smears, about a former president, who not coincidentally has an R after his name, is a remarkable new low. Would they hold their grandfather responsible for the same behavior? They won’t even hold a far more lucid ex-president responsible for his actions while in the White House (and one might suspect after he left as well—once a dog, always a dog).

It’s remarkable we know more about a former president touching the behind of the woman at eye level with him in a wheelchair than we do about a former president with a long and documented history of sexual harassment. Then again, Americans know better than to expect consistency and objectivity to occur to most members of the mainstream media.

Those coming forward with these stories about a former president are doing so because the media environment for tales of sexual harassment is ripe. In publicizing these stories, the actions of a deteriorating and elderly man are grouped with that of venomous, cold, predatory, and calculating men like Harvey Weinstein.