Think women get harassed and assaulted a lot in Hollywood? The military is worse

The list is long, so hunker down. There was a promiscuous Army general who led a swinging lifestyle at strip clubs using his official credit card. Another general had an affair and then, without a place to live when it ended, moved in with a defense contractor, a situation the Army saw nothing wrong with until the USA Today report.

Gen. Joseph Harrington, in charge of forces in Africa (Niger, anyone?), badgered the wife of an enlisted man with increasingly offensive emails: “Make up sex is fun.” “I’d enjoy being in a tent with U.” “U can be my nurse,” to quote a few. U get the drift. When sexting got old, he asked if they could get together, all the while asking her to please delete their emails. She didn’t, and when they became public, Harrington was cashiered out.

Harrington is an outlier. Military justice remains an oxymoron.

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