Why men (famous or not) are struggling with how to talk about Harvey Weinstein

Some say stars are caught in a quagmire: Those who stay silent are judged as complicit. If a bold-faced name acknowledges knowing, they’re scolded for not doing more (see: Matt Damon, who recently admitted he knew how the mogul once harassed Gwyneth Paltrow, and director James Gunn, who took to Twitter to remind this journalist he’s been publicly sounding the alarm on Toback for years).

“Shocked” and “appalled” statements are dissected by an increasingly hostile public. And if you pipe up, your own skeletons could come out to haunt you.

“You can’t win,” says a Hollywood insider unwilling to speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the topic. “The guys who are shutting up are being accused of being accomplices. The guys who speak are being accused of being liars. It’s gotten a little McCarthy-esque out there.”

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