"White Lives Matter" rally organizers adjust strategy to avoid becoming "another Charlottesville"

“The world has completely changed since Trump was elected. The streets are incredibly more violent. There is a threat level that didn’t exist before,” said Brad Griffin, 36, a member of the League of the South, a Southern secessionist group that has organized this weekend’s events in Shelbyville and nearby Murfreesboro. “It used to be just us and these peaceful liberals out there yelling at each other.”…

The fear of “antifa” has pushed the groups rallying this weekend to seek strength in numbers and hold joint events with other strands of white supremacists. Antifa is a black-mask-wearing group of left-wing anarchists, socialists and communists who organize against racial and class oppression and are known to violently disrupt right-wing rallies and demonstrations.

As a result, this weekend’s rallies will include some familiar faces from Charlottesville: the Nationalist Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group; the Traditionalist Worker Party, which wants a separate white ethno-state; Anti-Communist Action, a right-wing group that believes America is being threatened by “communists” — a label they apply liberally; and Vanguard America, a white supremacist group that believes America is inherently a white nation and identity must be preserved.

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