There is no GOP civil war

Indeed, very few conservatives I’ve run into are that concerned about Trump’s tweets — even those who would prefer he dial them down a notch — because they appreciate that he is speaking their language instead of the guarded language of the typical politician. Columnist Salena Zito offered a fascinating insight on this, saying, “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.” Though certain conservative Trump critics cringe at this, I dare say the rank-and-file Republican voter understands the difference and isn’t sweating the small stuff — provided we can move forward on policy and dismantle the Obama agenda.

Trump supporters don’t dispute that Trump’s bombastic style provides fodder for his critics, but they also understand that the political left has mercilessly savaged every other Republican president for decades. They believe that Trump is the first one, at least since Ronald Reagan, who gives the left a taste of its own medicine. This may be cringe-worthy to the Emily Posts of the conservative chattering class, but many of the rest of us are willing to overlook some of the distasteful in exchange for someone in our corner fighting back.

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