Did Megyn Kelly make a mistake?

Watching Megyn Kelly Today, one can so clearly see its host attempt to expunge that past self. She says, repeatedly, that she isn’t a political person, wasn’t raised in a political household, and was dismayed, throughout 2016, at how darn political everything came to be. (“Politics has become like race, you can’t talk about it at all,” she told Ellen Degeneres.) That Kelly spent over a decade ginning up anger over both politics and race is, apparently, a moot point.

All of this, one might argue, is external to the show itself. But as far as morning hosts go, Kelly is no Katie Couric or Kelly Ripa. Those hosts possess the ease and affability audiences seek out in the morning. But where Couric is warm and Ripa jubilant, Kelly performs bad versions of both warmth and jubilance, talking often with her hands and coaxing guests the way she did at Fox. When interviewing celebrities, too, Kelly tends to bungle the delivery. “Do you feel well in the body you are in or have you been a victim of the body shaming that we do to everybody in the country?” she asked This Is Us star Chrissy Metz, who politely explained how the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

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