If the left finds US government evil and racist, then why let it control our guns?

If you look at the three dominant media narratives over the past week you’d be a little confused by the world view held by the American Left.

The three stories taking up nearly 95% of coverage over the past seven days are

1. NFL players refusing to stand and honor the American flag over the players’ belief that our country has an inherently racist judicial system

2. The mass murder of over 50 people in Las Vegas

If you understand the political narrative from the Left (and by extension from many of the journalists reporting and analyzing these events) one must reach certain conclusions for each of these major news stories.

On Puerto Rico, the narrative is that the Trump Administration is either so incompetent that they are incapable of delivering federal aid to American citizens who are on the brink of death due to the devastation wrought by hurricane Irma, or the Trump Administration (and Trump himself) is racist and refuse to deliver the aid to the Puerto Ricans because they are Latino as compared to the Caucasian Americans who didn’t suffer as much when they were hit by a hurricane in Houston.