No, Harvard students, Betsy DeVos is not a "white supremacist"

Regardless of what liberal activist groups like the NAACP think of them, school choice reforms have a proven track record of providing opportunities for poor and minority children that are often—not always, mind you, but often—better than the alternative. Charter schools are despised by the left because they threaten one of the Democratic Party’s most influential bases of power: teachers unions.

“White supremacist” is an even more absurd smear when one considers how the secretary’s revisions to federal Title IX enforcement are likely to impact students of color. As The Atlantic’s Emily Yoffe noted in her extensive coverage of the problems with campus Title IX proceedings, the existing guidance occupied center stage in the widespread deprivation of due process rights for accused students. As far as we can tell, these students are much more likely to be male students of color, or immigrants.