Roy Moore opposed ambassadorship for "admitted homosexual" in 2006

Writing in The Washington Times in 2006 about the reasons Republicans lost ground in that year’s midterm election, Moore called President George W. Bush’s nomination and the Senate’s confirmation of “admitted homosexual” Mark Dybul to be US Global AIDS coordinator an “open affront to Christian principles.”

“[Dybul’s] appointment was confirmed by a Republican Senate, which had previously rejected President Clinton’s nomination of an avowed homosexual as ambassador to Luxembourg,” wrote Moore, who at the time was serving as president of the Christian legal nonprofit he founded, the Foundation for Moral Law. “At Mr. Dybul’s swearing-in ceremony, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice introduced his parents and his male ‘partner,’ Jason. Miss Rice then referred to Jason’s mother as Mr. Dybul’s ‘mother-in-law,’ showing disdain for traditional marriage and an open acceptance of homosexuality.”