Republican tax plan is revenge on Never Trumpers

Republican Congressional leaders and President Trump are touting their joint tax plan as a major simplification of the tax code that will spur economic growth. But the plan also could end up serving another purpose: revenge on Never Trumpers.

Never Trumpers are traditional Republican voters who refused to vote for President Trump in last year’s general election, preferring instead to stay home, vote for third party candidates, or in some cases, even back Hillary Clinton. They tended to be voters with college educations and relatively higher incomes — though not necessarily wealthy. It happens to be this group that could have the most to lose from the current Republican tax plan.

Though Republicans have yet to release key details about the tax plan, the general framework that has been released has raised fears of tax hikes for middle-class families, especially those on the higher end of the middle-class income spectrum.

Broadly speaking, on the individual side, the legislation would collapse the current seven tax brackets into three rates; nearly double the standard deduction; eliminate personal exemptions; and increase the current per child tax credit by an unspecified amount.