Trump fans should make Romney's Senate defeat a top priority

While Romney’s prissy sense of entitled ascendance to the Senate is little more than the same posture he struck as the lackluster GOP standard bearer in 2012, Team Trump needs to see the move as the grave threat that it is. Heavily-Mormon Utah is perhaps the only place in the nation where Romney could consider yet another “comeback.” But unfortunately for President Trump and his supporters, the possibility of Mitt using Utah as a launching pad back to national prominence can’t be simply dismissed as a sad joke. The possibility of Romney weaseling his way into the U.S. Senate should alarm those who want to see the president’s agenda move forward, and they should mobilize to make sure that his latest ambition is killed in its crib. His work to derail Trump’s candidacy last cycle in key battleground states cost the president dearly by suppressing the Republican vote, and coupled with Mitt’s messianic ego that seems impervious to political reality, a perch in the Senate would make him a serious impediment to Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.