#NeverTrump in Alabama primary? Moore recruits old Bush, McMullin operatives

Building a campaign is never easy and finding good staff is always difficult. With just months before the special Alabama Senate primary, maybe that’s why Judge Roy Moore recruited veteran political operatives with a hard anti-Trump bent.

Filings with the Federal Election Commission show that Moore, the frontrunner to take the old seat of Jeff Sessions, hired avowed Never-Trump staff who said they’re “appalled” by Trump and worked to paint him as “weak” during his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

While working for the Jeb Bush Campaign, Brett Doster called Trump “an entertainer with a disastrous business record” and promised never to work with the candidate.

“I’m kind of appalled our party is nominating him. I won’t work for him, can’t bring myself to,” Doster told U.S. News in June 2016. “But I think the guy is going to end up being president. I think he’s on track to probably win this thing.”