Reaction to the Manafort wiretap exposes how badly divided we are

In fact, many of Trump’s “Cult 45” members were, bizarrely, essentially celebrating this news as a vindication for their mighty hero. You see they saw the word “wiretapped” connected to the possibility that Trump himself may have been recorded in conversations with Manafort, and they immediately thought, “See, Trump was right when he told us that he had been wiretapped during the campaign!”

There are, of course, several rather large problems with this “thinking.” The first is that it sure seems that Manafort apparently going down would be a huge “big picture” problem for Trump. Rejoicing over it because of a possible minor benefit is kind of like getting excited over the free ambulance ride you get the hospital when you get hurt in a major car accident on your way to visit someone already there.

But there is also the reality that what we currently know about this story in no way vindicates Trump’s infamous “wiretapping” tweet.