Why you've never really seen Hollywood portray an abortion scene

One might also contend that people have no interest in seeing medical procedures onscreen. But even if that’s true, the person would never then claim to see have seen an honest or accurate depiction of a procedure when no procedure had been shown and no discussion of the procedure had taken place.

Would any of us claim that we had seen an honest portrayal of a triple bypass if we saw nothing more than a man’s face on an operating table? Would we claim that we had seen an authentic depiction of an appendectomy after watching a woman saying, “Yes, I’m sure this is what I need to do” as she enters the operating room and the episode ends?

Few people would claim that either of those scenarios represented any sort of meaningful depiction of the given medical procedure. The same is true with abortion. Claiming that one has seen an honest portrayal of abortion after seeing a woman staring at the ceiling on an operating table is misleading and untrue.