The fake outrage over Boobs-gate shows why we must not play liberals’ new rules game

When we call these jerks on their new rules scam it’s not about morality. It’s about fighting back against people who are attempting to assert power over us by inventing new standards that they’ve never applied before, and never will again, in order to control us. Showing that they don’t actually believe in the stupid standards they apply is key – that’s why it’s important to point out that Brooke Baldwin giggled away on CNN as that hideous ogress Kathy Griffin yelled “Nipple nipple nipple!” Baldwin doesn’t really care if someone uses a PG-13 vulgarity to describe the best thing about Games of Thrones. She just used some fake outrage to high-hat into silence a conservative guy who was making a powerful conservative point about liberal fascism.

Since they are establishing new rules, there’s nothing wrong with applying them to our advantage. Take the example of that drooling moron on ESPN…wait I need to be more specific. I mean that particular drooling moron who recently tweeted about how Trump is a white supremacist because reasons and stuff, and thereby drew demands that she be fired from some conservatives. Smug, dumb libs started tut-tutting that “Oh, conservatives are now for firing people when they didn’t used to be.” Well, yeah. See, you changed the rules. The rule used to be that you can’t be fired for what you say or think. But that’s not the rule anymore, thanks to you liberals. Just ask that guy who was at Mozilla or that heretic who thinks men and women are different and got fired from Google. Sure, we were against the new rule, but you used your cultural power through the media, the Democrat party, and your corporate coward allies to impose it. So we are not hypocrites for employing the rule that exists now, thanks to you. And we hope you choke on it.