"Guys, he’s not leaving us... Take a deep breath, and wait a day."

The first one, the political question, starting Wednesday night the president had dinner at the White House with Chuck Schumer, with Nancy Pelosi. As soon as they left the White House, they could not get press releases and tweets out fast enough saying that they’ve struck a deal on a DACA-related amnesty with the president. Since then the Trump base has been concerned that it might, in fact, be true. I’ve argued that, if true, that would be damaging to the president. That if he did that, that would . . . he would have done to himself what the Democrats could never do to him, which is to separate him from his base; however, there’s the politics. There’s the optics of it, which is that the President may very well be playing a very sophisticated political game in showing the Republican leadership in Congress, that he’s in charge. He’s the President and that they need to do something. What do you think?

Gorka: I think, look I’ve read what you’ve written. As soon as the place erupted I immediately tweeted, “Guys, he’s not leaving us. Count to 10-”

Buskirk: Nice on that.

Gorka: “Take a deep breath, and wait a day.” Sure enough, less than a day, nine hours later, we have the counterpoint from the press secretary and from the President himself. Look, having worked for the man, let me tell you that it’s neither of the options that you, or scenarios that you have painted. He knows, he knows why he is the president. He knows that the first policy issue that catapulted him into preeminence as a presidential candidate was the border, was immigration. He knows that when Jeff Sessions put on that hat, Jeff Sessions was bringing his stance on illegal immigration to his campaign to set him apart from the 16 other hackneyed establishment candidates the GOP had arrayed against him. The president’s not gonna go back.