For the GOP, Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving

Now, it’d be one thing if Clinton just released the book and left it at that. People would notice her criticism of her fellow Democrats, and there would be a few days’ worth of unflattering coverage for the continued squabbling within the Democratic Party. It’d distract from the party’s bigger plans to repackage themselves to voters, but it’d be short-lived.

Unfortunately for Schumer and company, Clinton wants more than just a book release. She’s on a publicity tour now, traveling from one venue to the next, explaining who, exactly, is responsible for her stunning defeat.

This is great timing indeed. Just when it seems like her own party is getting its act together, and Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have ingratiated themselves in the Oval Office, the former secretary of state is touring the country opening healing wounds.