Trump made me see what’s wrong with the GOP

Republicans were quick to denounce Trump’s response to Charlottesville, but they conveniently ignore the role they’ve played in furthering the racial divide in this country. From voter suppression campaigns to racially disparate sentencing guidelines, Republicans, long before Trump, have pressed ahead with a policy agenda that systemically attacks people of color.

While some Republicans have stepped up to criticize Trump’s pardoning of a racist Arizona sheriff, most Republican policymakers have long promoted an immigration policy and world view that enabled Joe Arpaio to feel emboldened to flagrantly violate the law and racially profile Hispanics in his state.

Even Trump’s inhumane decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which temporarily protects some 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children, stems from a world-view held by many conservative Republicans like Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Iowa Rep. Steve King.