What I learned from playing Donald Trump

I lied. I bragged. I flailed my hands and arms. I wore a long red tie. Really long. I did it all.

Except take responsibility. For anything. Ever.

While some people who know me might think I’m describing myself, I’m not. I’m describing the three months last year that I was the Donald Trump stand-in for dozens of mock debates against Hillary Clinton (who was played by Hillary Clinton).

To truly become Trump, I had to immerse myself in all things Trump. I watched every clip of Trump I could get my hands on. All the primary debates, rallies, TV interviews. As I told Politico’s Annie Karni a few months ago, I got so into my role as Donald Trump that I began to lose my sense of where my tie ended and he began.

But in the process, I learned a few things about the man who, though I wouldn’t have believed it back then, went on to become America’s improbable 45th president. A few traits were clear right away. Really nothing that by this point hasn’t been noted and analyzed. Serial lying. Megalomania. Ignorance.