Trump’s DACA debacle tells us everything about him and his failing presidency

The first part of this debacle is that he is pushing to end a policy that he doesn’t really oppose and which the public actually likes. However, his ego apparently won’t let him accept criticism from his base for not keeping one of his key campaign promises (which he has the authority to implement without the help of Congress.)

Then there is the bizarre six month delay before DACA is fully ended, supposedly so that Congress can act and fix the problem (as if THAT has ever happened before on a controversial issue). This makes no sense. If Trump really wants the program disbanded (he doesn’t) then why does he want Congress to come up with a way to keep it going?

Even worse, if Trump thinks it was bad for DACA to be created by the force of presidential edict, why in the world would he want to exist, far more forcefully, by the force of actual law?