"Trump forces" and the smashing of GOP orthodoxy

We know that President Trump is a virtuoso at the politics of resentment. But does he lead a movement?

That is the question to be tested in next year’s Republican Senate primary in Arizona. Pro-Trump forces are wiping the drool off their ties while contemplating a humiliating primary defeat for Trump critic Jeff Flake — the Republican incumbent whom Trump reportedly calls “the flake.” (I suspect that Flake has heard that taunt before, but not since third-grade recess.) Professional Trump sycophants Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have endorsed a Republican challenger to Flake named Kelli Ward. Trump moneyman Robert Mercer has already donated $300,000 to Ward’s campaign. And Trump himself implicitly endorsed Ward on Twitter last month, while labeling Flake as “toxic.”

Recent polling seems to justify a belief in Flake’s vulnerability. Among likely Republican voters, Ward wins a head-to-head with Flake by double digits.