Why I signed the Nashville statement affirming Christianity’s stance on sex

Whichever power center you choose, traditional Christian teaching is either washed out, in deep hiding, or conveniently manipulated. Look at Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street, and Washington DC. There is only a momentary confusion about President Trump as some kind of traditional Christian. I can assure you he won’t be backing the Nashville Statement. Have any senators or congressmen run to the microphone to endorse it? Not so far. Frankly, if they are smart they’ll probably try to avoid it.

No, I didn’t sign because I thought there was much of an upside. I signed because a fearful, sideline-standing part of myself would rather not. I keep thinking about what the Bible says about the remnant of believers, the ones who hold fast. We expect the world to go another way. The temptation is always to find a way to go with it while maintaining we are still true.