Houston rescuers prove the lie of "toxic masculinity"

Another photo making the rounds showed a handsome man in a wetsuit paddle-boarding a four-year-old through flooded streets. The post captioned it, “More toxicity. When will it end?”

Some will (and did) complain that such reports were not examples of toxic masculinity. Of course not — that is the point. These stories and photos in the news media depicted the true chivalric nature of masculinity: men acting upon their natural responsibility as protectors, stepping up, at risk to their own lives, to help those unable to help themselves. It is this aspect of manhood for which men are never given credit by those deconstructionists in the culture and in academia who view masculinity as an obstacle to their agenda. Misandrist activists and intellectuals never acknowledge that there are positive aspects to masculine strength or that women want traditionally masculine men.

The heroic efforts of the men battling Hurricane Harvey reveal the hollowness of this subversive idea. As one woman tweeted in response to the photo of Hudeck, “It’s not that women aren’t brave. They are. But this is just what men do. Great, gloriously toxic men. Love them to death.”