The lost cause of the Never Trump Republicans

In his latest volley, in which he anonymously quotes a Republican member of Congress calling Trump America’s “child king,” Wehner goes further than normal, to propose that those within the GOP who recognize the danger that Trump poses to the country and the party form a “shadow government” of opposition to the president defined by its embrace of “opportunity, openness, mobility, and inclusion.”

That sounds nice in the abstract, but what policies does it entail? Wehner gestures toward the need for fresh thinking with a call for “a new intellectual infrastructure to address what may prove to be one of the largest economic disruptions in history.” But would this intellectual infrastructure be free to advise breaking from the plutocratic policies favored by Wehner’s long-time ally, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan? Or would it merely provide a new rationale for Ryan’s longstanding agenda of giving steep tax cuts to the wealthy, replacing ObamaCare with a market-based system that covers insurance for far fewer people, and otherwise providing breaks for big business at the expense of the poor and working class?