Trump won't back down

He has delivered his favorite of all political and personal messages: No apology, no matter how wrong I was! Donald Trump plays “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at his rallies, but a better anthem for him would be Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” Tell him his response to the tragedy in Charlottesville was humanly and politically wrong, that he made a serious moral mistake that needs to be corrected, and watch him do it all over again. Only more so. And in a way to prove that even if his actions the first time weren’t intentional, this time they are.

5. Trump has bolted himself back to his political base, defying all mainstream opinion. It’s not just a matter of appealing to nativist voters, although Donald Trump always is glad to do that. Many conservative voters who are not especially nativist will rally to the Arpaio pardon too. Conservatism has been leaking its ideological contents for a long time now, and the Trump experience has ejected whatever little remained. Yet conservative voters remain passionately attached to Donald Trump, at least as compared with anyone else in politics, as a recent poll from George Washington University demonstrates. Among Republicans in Republican districts, 53 percent complained their member of Congress was not doing enough to support President Trump; only 4 percent complained that the representative was doing “too much.”