15% of married adults have romantic feelings for someone else

Unrequited love – a classic trope for many a melodrama or Victorian romance. But this theme is not strictly for the pages of heart-wrenching novels and tear-jerker films. In fact, recent YouGov data shows that 23% of Americans, including 15% of married adults, have romantic feelings for something they are not currently romantically involved with.

Similarly, developing feelings for a friend’s significant other can be a difficult, often awkward, situation – 29% of of Americans have been in this predicament, and one in ten men currently are. Similarly, 30% of US adults have found themselves with feelings for a friend that extend past the platonic.

Falling head over heels for someone is in itself an emotional rollercoaster, but doing so while already in a relationship complicates the situation exponentially. 36% of Americans have, at one point during their life, been dating someone while harboring lustful feelings towards someone else.