Republicans weigh fallout of pardon for Joe Arpaio

“Granting it would buy Trump a few positive headlines in friendly media outlets at the high cost of another long-term stain on the presidency, Trump’s own reputation and our status as a nation ruled by laws rather than men,” said Arizona Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva.

Some Republicans, meanwhile, are already distancing themselves from a potential pardon. Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, one of the most vulnerable Republicans up for re-election next year, said this week he did not support a pardon. Heller represents a state with an increasing number of Hispanic voters, and the state went for Hillary Clinton last year. His primary opponent, however, is aiming to squeeze him on this issue. Danny Tarkanian, who has run unsuccessfully for public office several times in the state, endorsed the pardon and blasted Heller for opposing it.