Pro-Trump media bristles as John Kelly limits what gets to the president's desk

“I’m scared that the military complex is taking over the formerly populist White House,” said Lucian Wintrich, who writes for Gateway Pundit, one of the websites in the pro-Trump sphere, which has trafficked in conspiracies in the past.

Longtime Trump adviser and occasional Infowars guest Roger Stone said Trump’s “news summaries have been sanitized, which means no Infowars, no Daily Caller, no Breitbart. As such, his views are shaped by CNN and FOX News. He watches network news as well, which is almost antiquated. That’s why he’s so mad about the Russia investigation.”

“He’s controlling every article that passes through the West Wing right now,” pro-Trump media personality Mike Cernovich, who has broken news on the administration but also propagated conspiracy theories in the past, said of Kelly. “This shuts out a lot of people.”