The obscene effort to shame "Trump’s Jews"

Late last week, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank took aim at a trio of Jews serving Trump: the president’s top economic adviser, treasury secretary and son-in-law. “What Gary Cohn, Steven Mnuchin and Jared Kushner did last week — or, rather, what they didn’t do — is a shanda,” he wrote using the Yiddish word for shame. Specifically, they didn’t publicly trash their boss.

And, says Milbank, this means they’re playing the role of “court Jew.” The court Jew, he explains for those unfamiliar with a staple of Judeophobic bigotry, “existed to please the king, to placate the king, to loan money to the king,” and “his loyalty was to the king,” not his coreligionists.

So, to Milbank, Trump’s treasury secretary is a greedy, power-hungry money-lender and a traitor to his people. I liked the column better in the original German.